West Hoathly school Story Teller's chair - Installation.

Today was the day - back to school. A primary school in West Sussex. And, in amongst the heavy showery weather of recent, it did not rain.

Yesterdays 2.5 m i drop! II installation for a new Arboretum in St. Albans had to be postponed due to the water logged ground - vehicle access to site. The weather is what the weather does!

Anyhow, back to today. Arrived to install during a PE lesson! And yes did have a few balls comming my way.

Had not quite finished all setting by break time, so I got some extra help to finish up! moto_0324.jpg moto_0325.jpg moto_0327.jpg moto_0329.jpg moto_0337.jpg

moto_0359.jpg moto_0339.jpg moto_0355.jpg moto_0344.jpg moto_0352.jpg moto_0348.jpg moto_0353.jpg moto_0342.jpg moto_0358.jpg moto_0346.jpg

Thats Mr Adam Earle (white shirt) headmaster of West Hoathly Primary school.

I really like the shadow effect from the rear post and as you can see in the sun shine the space is bathed in glorius tree dappled light.

The Official presentation & press day of this work will be on the morning Monday 19th May. Will post some more pics after the event. Time permitting will also post some pics of the making & set up of this work from earlier in the year.

The work is as yet still to be named. However now the chair is in view I am sure the pupils will create a fitting name.

The Oak & milling for this project was provided with courtesy & collaboration of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Wakehurst Place.

Wakehurst Place

Thanks to Iain Parkinson & James Pumfrey.

Original drawings of the Story chair for West Hoathly