To Insictor and beyond!

And now for something completely different! This is the start of 'Insictor'

This is a sculptural interior bench form in ash and stainless steel at around 3.5 m width. Finished look will be polished bleached ash.

Surprisingly it is not dissimilar to the creation of a more traditional woven seat frame chair, of which have previously made many with origins in the green wood crafts and associated chair making, 'bodging with the pole-lathe' (turning of chair components with self powered lathe). Drilling the large 38mm dia sockets with brace and bit for the stainless steel frame being very similar to the line up for drilling of chair rungs.

Anyhow, this bench certainly will not look like a traditional frame chair. There is a long way to go with project - you will see it develop in these pages over next few months.

Also soon to start turning this amazing board of burred chestnut into a really fabulous coffee table, more on that soon too.