The Sleeping Dragon - setting the sun sphere.

Work progressing to set the big sun sphere within the the 'sleeping dragon'. The big 'sun' sphere (650 mm dia) is positioned & marked and the end section boards have then been layed out before being drilled & connector jointed with the 25 mm dia stainless steel rods.

Images depict work so far up to 1st test fit of the board sections over the sphere. There is some trim & edge adjustment necessary to get the board section located correctly & fully into position. Once this is complete the end subsections will be assembled into a single section that will join into the back rest sections.

There is also a fair ammount of edge profile & relief carving to be undertaken within the 'sun' sphere section. You'll see more images of this as it progresses.

You can also see in the images the blocking used to fill the void to scribe the circle cutaway with the 'long' compasses.

Have also included here an image of one of the sections from under the backrest as it is so appealing in its own right. I am sure there's another concept brewing in that!

moto_0317.jpg moto_0318.jpg moto_0319.jpg moto_0320.jpg moto_0361.jpg moto_0364.jpg moto_0365.jpg moto_0322.jpg