Point, Source & Origin.

It all starts with trees. In fact, that is not entirely correct - it starts with a seed*.

The seed of an idea that germinates into an entire project. A seed that germinates into a living tree.

And so to the 'International year of the Forest.'

And here are some fine oak trees growing at Pearcelands Wood, Royal Botanic Gardens at Wakehurst Place, Sussex, U.K.

The exact location of these trees is known. We also know the GPS coordinates of each tree. It is also possible to visit these standing trees at Wakehurst Place, until that is the start of 2nd week Feb 2011. They will then be harvested as part of a cycle of actively managed woodland at Wakehurst Place. Then something wonderful shall happen - they will begin the journey of process to become amongst other items, sculptural forms and seating pieces as part of an exhibition to promote the Forestry Stewardship Council at Wakehurst and most of all showcase the beauty and versatility of wood.

* Of course in order to make acorns, you first need trees!