The Sleeping Dragon - link & tail.

link-1-sml.jpg link-section-1-ah.jpg link-section-3-ah.jpg link-section-2-ah.jpg The link section complete from the mid/back rest section to the great knuckle block.

sd-tail-sml.jpg sd-tail-section-3-ahsml.jpg sd-tail-section-2-ahsml.jpg sd-section-tail-1-ahsml.jpg

Tail section complete.

And now, creating the banked curve section. In the images below you can make out the board layout for the curvature. This section is 3.8 m in length. You can also just see at the far end the inclusion of the 'tail' section board arrangement.

moto_0451.jpg moto_0453.jpg

Soon to be sourcing the 'York' stone slab settings.

We are currently looking to install mid June 2008.