Resting Points/Pigs will Fly

Installation now complete for the new works on the Isle of Harty cycle trail, Shepey, North Kent.'Resting Points' is situated on the RSPB nature reserve viewing site at 'Raptor Point' 'Pigs will Fly' is situated further along the trail near 'Harty' church and 'Harty' Ferry at the edge of the 'Swale' New works linking on the the cycle trail from Leysdown on Sea.

Below shows a series of images from the installation.

Ground works contractors setting the forms permanently with the stainless steel fixings and 'key' foundation blocks on site with concrete foundation mix. Last image above shows project coordinator Louise Francis of FrancisKnight taking a break whilst I am finishing the bolt capping details on the seat planes. Text created by Mark Hewitt - writer in residence for the Leysdown Rose tinted project. Letter carving by Stephen Spooner.