The art of the subtle line shift

Cutting in the lines of a slight return compound profile. Turning straight boards of wood into something quite interesting.

Image above shows the creation of a sub-shelf junction on a console table piece (viewed oblique). The drawing section shows the basic 2d contour profile of the layered cuts. The sum of all the subtle relief sculpted curvatures in the final work adds up to create that certain something else that really makes a piece stand out. At first glance of course it may not be obviously apparent why it may command such a presence, however, the subtle line weight shift transitions turn and roll to accentuate or diminish the edge. The edge holds the outline of the form. The form itself is illuminated in sculptural relief as well as being a tactile object. The shape of the curve is the weight of journey we take through it. Of course it is one thing to be able to 'think of a shape', it is another thing altogether to be able bring that compound shape into a proportional manifest reality.

In essence it is all about layers.

Take a look at this 'Gap Set' coffee table piece created by a recent workshop course attendee from a 'chaircreative' design