Lobo Loi - framing

Setting up the new Low back design, arm posts & legs. moto_0529.jpg moto_0528.jpg moto_0526.jpg moto_0530.jpg moto_0532.jpg moto_0533.jpg moto_0534.jpg moto_0535.jpg

In these images of the test assembly you can get a pretty good idea how this design will finally look. After completing this test assembly it became evident that this piece still needed to loose some weight! It is perhaps not so evident in these images, however some of the seat under edge line profiles were just a bit too bulbous & over-weight. So in the evening I sent the chair out for a good run to shift some more of that excess! There is also still some front leg shaping/styling to be completed to really get this piece into shape. Then - it will get put together for real!