From the seat in all directions!

So, here is the start of the carving & framing of a new Nimm kei chair. Firstly, carving the basic saddle seat hollowing from the seat blank. In this instance I have used an 'arbortech' You can see this tool lying to the right side of the bench in the 1st couple of images. It is a rotary cutter attachment that fits to a standard angle grinder. I do from time to time still advocate the use of an 'adze' for seat hollowing. This is rather like a cross between a heavy gouge and an axe. In this instance I reach for the arbortech as there is much hollowing to be done, not only on the top side, the underside leading edges & scoops, plus other seat blanks to hollow.

The 2nd image above also shows the steam bent components used in arm rest & arm posts.

Next the arm posts junctions into the seat are created. After this the leg joints into the seat are made. The images show the 1st fitting of the arm posts & the drilling of the rear leg sockets. This is done with a 'brace & bit' - a hand operated device that allows slow, controlled & accurate - sight to 'bevel & map' drilling.

Fitting of front legs to follow, then invariably will come more styling, shape & magic form finding!

Meanwhile on the otherside of the workshop we've been busy with the concrete mixer creating the smooth cast block & disc setting for this sculptural form. Will post some images of the mould opening soon. 550 H block @ 350 sq to be placed on a flush set disc 750 dia. You can see the mock up in the images.