Orange is a good colour.

Seen here as a surface colour finish on one of the Ppod benches in white finished ash wood.  This bench is one of a number of free standing elements in another of our interiors projects.


Behind the bench you can see a section of some of the sculptural wall panelling that has been produced for this space. The panelling in white finished ash wood features a folded organic shallow wave ripple in a mixture of weather blasted and fine definition surfaces with concealed handles. A small gallery below shows more of this panelling and other elements within this design project including a white ash stair well banister rail with glass panel infills, various white ash trims, door handles, white concrete fire place and column settings and a large 4m table with bleached and weather blasted white oak frame and pin stripe oak top.

Most images above by Lee Carr photography. Dining chairs in this project - client's own.