Here are a couple of images of the template casting patterns of one of the latest chair designs Kre

Seen here in the 'white' - this is assembled template form for the bronze casting. 

This chair will be produced initially as a polished bronze piece. 

This template form is now at the foundry where moulds have been created of all of the individual sections. Wax positives well then be produced in order to create the casting moulds for the liquid bronze.

Will post more information and images on next visit to the foundry. 

The template form is a meticulously hand carved wooden ergonomic sculptural form. It has then been spray painted in order to create a easier release process from the latex mould making of the components.  This is of course quite a large chair, however it will not be an entirely soild object as semi hollow voids will be created in the larger sections at the foundry into the positive waxes in order to reduce physical mass.

More information coming soon as this project develops.