Seating boards on the 'Sleeping Dragon'

Seating boards now being laid up & cut into position under the mid section (back rest) of the 'Sleeping Dragon' bench. These 2 images show the initial board lay up. They have now been assembled into there subsections. The whole project is divided into sections & further subsections to allow a little ease of manoeuverabiltiy of the work. 1 visitor to the workshop today asked "how much does it weigh?" I replied - Heavy!

The next task will be setting the board subsections onto the base blocks & then setting the back rest into position. Once the components are located carving will begin.

After work is roughed out in the mid section we will then work out to incorporate the 'sun' sphere.

moto_0258.jpg moto_0257.jpg

Of course at some point we will have to move outside as the workshop 'blueroom' is just not long enough! We could work right through into the 'green room', but that is currently filled with the West Hoathly project & 2.5 m i drop! sculptures laid horizontal.

Here is a quick pick end of last week - We were supposed to be cutting the blank for a new sculpture commission in Eucalyptus wood. Mommentarily sidetracked with the amazing leathery yet spongy bark & the interlocking rippled grain growth.