Bench planting!

It's that time of year again - things really beginning to grow. And look! Here's a bench we planted yesterday. npc-bs5sml

The Newnham Church Bus Stop Bench, East Kent.

Fine weather pre booked for the planting of NPC-BS (Newnham Parish Council - Bus Stop) project.

Yes, it's a heavy piece. The following images give an insight into the installation process. Firstly is setting those beautiful cast leg bases into the banking.

The 1st image shows Sue Gunner of Newnham Parish Council with Murray at the ready just as the bus pulls away.

moto_1030 moto_1031 moto_1034

_mg_7977 _mg_7983 _mg_8009

_mg_8019 _mg_8077 _mg_8093

We even had a little helper - Peter,  who came along just at the right time to play the shapes game with the end caps.

You can just make out the stainless steel shim plates on top of the cast blocks as the seating board unit is set onto the bases.

_mg_8122 npc-bs1sml npc-bs2sml

Oak, stainless steel with white cast concrete base settings.

See earlier postings for design drawings and workshop creation.

Some images courtesy Mr David Barker.

At a Bus Stop near you?