PM: The Sleeping Dragon - setting the backrest.

Setting the seating boards sections & subsections onto the base blocks  with the backrest. It's been a day of moving about large lumps of oak. Once the base blocks were in position you can see got up to stage with the backrest in test fit position.  It will be set down a a bit lower in the final installation - 35 mm above the seating plane.

We will have used up nearly 24 m of 25 dia stainless steel tube in the creation of this piece.

This is the centre section of the bench.

moto_0262.jpg    moto_0263.jpg    moto_0271.jpg    moto_0269.jpg    moto_0266.jpg    moto_0274.jpg


Next comes marking up & initial carving of the seating hollowing & edge deatailing.