Razorfish & The Seven Sisters

Latest version of the Razorfish pattern seat now in creation. Taking inspiration also from the undulating chalk cliffs on the Sussex coast, with bleached ash legs and carved elm wood seating plane. Very much crafted to defy the optic in terms of its look of strength, this latest version of the Razorfish bench will push the line weight to the very edge, whilst still maintaing all the strength and function of an ergonomic multi direction three seat position bench.You can see this piece in the making over the weekend at Art in Action 2009. First showing of the completed work will be in September as part of the London Design Week at 21st Century Furniture - making the future. details coming soon. IMG_0187 IMG_0204 IMG_0223 IMG_0225

Also watch out for these; pair of 'Sail' patio terrace tables in creation at the chaircreative workshop. Oak & stainless steel. More pics and info as they take shape. Picture 10 IMG_0215