Future History

Acts of Design & Creation.

The story of the making of Hammerhead RVS. London Design Festival 2012 Timothy Mark, New Quebec St. London (Marble Arch)

Also with illustrated talk on Tuesday 18th & Thursday 20th

So, if you are up in London for any events during LDF2012 do drop by and take a look.

yeah, long time since, I know...

Many new projects currently underway including 2012 revised pattern of the 'Nimm' chair. Some very exciting exterior bench seating works one of which is a piece about 1/2 size of the 'Sleeping Dragon' - mini dragon perhaps? Perhaps not. It is still 4.5m in all of its curvaceous glory. Vehicle of Dreams is still on going too. Possibly some pics soon, who knows... And, watch out early 2013 for new bronze chair - Kre.

The art of the subtle line shift

Cutting in the lines of a slight return compound profile. Turning straight boards of wood into something quite interesting.

Image above shows the creation of a sub-shelf junction on a console table piece (viewed oblique). The drawing section shows the basic 2d contour profile of the layered cuts. The sum of all the subtle relief sculpted curvatures in the final work adds up to create that certain something else that really makes a piece stand out. At first glance of course it may not be obviously apparent why it may command such a presence, however, the subtle line weight shift transitions turn and roll to accentuate or diminish the edge. The edge holds the outline of the form. The form itself is illuminated in sculptural relief as well as being a tactile object. The shape of the curve is the weight of journey we take through it. Of course it is one thing to be able to 'think of a shape', it is another thing altogether to be able bring that compound shape into a proportional manifest reality.

In essence it is all about layers.

Take a look at this 'Gap Set' coffee table piece created by a recent workshop course attendee from a 'chaircreative' design

Asymmetric/symmetric balance.

2 legs good. 4 legs faster. And 5 legs?

3 legs good too!

Development work on one of the current commissioned projects - table pieces for a curving seating enclave. 3 pieces. Oak tops, bleached ash legs.

Small side table. Shown here after 1st oil burnish.

mid table - near completion. Designed to accommodate under placement of 2 footstools.

long table - in creation.

Images of complete installation - end March 2011.

line weights - chop, chop!

So here is a nice slightly out of focus, cropped with distracting background, image of the development of new chair - Nimm Rae.

Of course this is just a tantalizing glimpse of the movement of fluid speed lines as they descend, rise and turn around the profiles of the seat base. So, where does one edge start and another stop? They don't. They simply transcend form light into shadow. More images coming soon.

Point, Source & Origin.

It all starts with trees. In fact, that is not entirely correct - it starts with a seed*.

The seed of an idea that germinates into an entire project. A seed that germinates into a living tree.

And so to the 'International year of the Forest.'

And here are some fine oak trees growing at Pearcelands Wood, Royal Botanic Gardens at Wakehurst Place, Sussex, U.K.

The exact location of these trees is known. We also know the GPS coordinates of each tree. It is also possible to visit these standing trees at Wakehurst Place, until that is the start of 2nd week Feb 2011. They will then be harvested as part of a cycle of actively managed woodland at Wakehurst Place. Then something wonderful shall happen - they will begin the journey of process to become amongst other items, sculptural forms and seating pieces as part of an exhibition to promote the Forestry Stewardship Council at Wakehurst and most of all showcase the beauty and versatility of wood.

* Of course in order to make acorns, you first need trees!

Office space.

1st floor Office re furbishments now complete for Hancocks the Jewelers in The Burlington Arcade, London, W1.

This project consisted of Interior design and creation for the 2 office spaces. Main Office comprising: 2 Desks (see earlier posts for more images of these desks) 5 chairs Book case re fit Mirror re make

Hub Office: Complete 'flow' work surface and desk integration around the whole space (see earlier posting for template layout. Design and creation of storage units, fitted shelving Existing Cupboard co ordination.

Below are a couple of images showing how these spaces appeared previously.

Coffee time.

Meanwhile, this fabulous coffee table is taking shape at the workshop. Burr chestnut.Oh the joys of electric chainsaws!

Here you can see the rough profile taking shape.

The character of the burr is of course quite fantastic. We had the burr board milled to 110 mm thickness to give the table a look of real substance and allow the creation of the sumptuous rolled edges. It was also decided to maintain as much of the fissure details as possible within the piece - very much reminiscent of craggy coastlines. The shape also following a marine biased theme - sails, hulls, sharks teeth and flint arrow heads... When complete this will be a 3 leg design - 2300 x 950 max width.


Desks for Hancocks the Jewelers office now well underway. Here is a pic of James assembling the radiating board structures for the desk tops. 1st image shows the template for the form. It will all become clearer once we cut out the profile shape.Today we have been correlating the radial fin elements of the base structures. Watch this space! pics coming soon.

Also a couple of pics of the glass screen partition screen designed earlier this year for the shop space. Desks and cabinet work in shop by Ian Spencer.

deskcreation2 deskcreatio1

glassscreen1 glassscreen2 Picture 6 glassscreendesign

And as we go into Autumn here are a couple of seasonal variations of the Sleeping Dragon bench.

SDmist108sml SDinsnow

Sail chairs

Sail chairs taking shape at the chaircreative workshop.These are the chairs for the earlier created Sail Tables - see earlier posting.

Very much a constructed pattern cut design the sail chairs use prime 1/4 sawn air dry oak and A4/316 marine grade stainless steel fittings. sailchair1 sailchair4 sailchair3 sailchair10 sailchair7 sailchair6

More images will be posted of the entire sail chair group once complete.