Transcending the bridge of scales.

Relative perceptions from a human observed view point. Grain of sand to the size of the Sun are perhaps quantifiable. Less so are the myriad multiples of the very smallest, smallest thing and the very largest astronomic event/entirety. Are these not one and the same? We can only of course measure by the instruments we create in the light that exists.

Meanwhile, sharks prove tricky to contain - even in a tank.

That Autumnal feeling!

Leaves begin to gently fall to the ground in fading glory through a palette of warming glow. Dappled sunlight plays across the ground drenched in the heat of the daylight sun.

Elsewhere a man stands diligently exasperated behind the burden of his lawnmower.

New stripes awash in a blaze of green.




Desks for Hancocks the Jewelers office now well underway. Here is a pic of James assembling the radiating board structures for the desk tops. 1st image shows the template for the form. It will all become clearer once we cut out the profile shape.Today we have been correlating the radial fin elements of the base structures. Watch this space! pics coming soon.

Also a couple of pics of the glass screen partition screen designed earlier this year for the shop space. Desks and cabinet work in shop by Ian Spencer.

deskcreation2 deskcreatio1

glassscreen1 glassscreen2 Picture 6 glassscreendesign

And as we go into Autumn here are a couple of seasonal variations of the Sleeping Dragon bench.

SDmist108sml SDinsnow

Radial fins and engine blocks.

Where do ideas come from? Here are some mock up concept design drawings of one of the latest chaircreative projects - office re design for Jewelers shop in W1, London.

The general concept is to create a more fluid space that is easy to move around both physically and visually. Currently working on the design of the desks. Think engine blocks, think church wall buttresses, think - Radial fins!

Yes, really!

This is the driving (no pun intended) motive around the draw carcass units that will create the desired look of fluidity in the curvaceous desk forms. You can begin to see the development of the final design through these mock up drawings. Once the desks are created will we then be moving onto the creation of chairs and other interior elements to suit.

Picture 4 Picture 7 Picture 6 Picture 5 IMG_6005 Chartres-Cathedral-Flying-Buttress IMG_0616

More as this project develops. Working with James Huddleston fine furniture maker in the creation of this project.

It's all around us.

As we move through the perceived notion of time, sometimes we may glimpse an almost snapshot like view of the creation of form.We of course exist mainly to our viewpoint in a physical and ever changing world of structure, mass and fluid. Sometimes in an instant you can glimpse a real sense of the passing of time in the fluid transition of the creation of landscape. Inspiration can of course come from anywhere, however, here though is a place that, as an artist, gives a channel to show and reflect the wonder of the things around us. The glaciated island forms of the Koster Archipelago, West Sweden.

P1000478 P1000477 P1000473 P1000465 P1000463 P1000451 P1000447 P1000418 P1000415

Hancocks - waiting area seating installed.

Waiting area seating installed for Hancocks the Jewelers, Burlington Arcade, London. Images also depict other aspects of chaircreative interior design including the rejuvenation of the balustrade arrangement, vase stand planter and side table interlay. The waiting area then flows into the beautiful display cabinet work created by Ian Spencer.

More images of the final installation with chairs and other interior design elements to follow.

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Marks & Lines - navigating to the 'where to begin' the cut, carve & hollow. The following images show the stages of creation at the start of the carving & hollowing in the NPC-BS bench.

moto_0946 moto_0947

The above images show the basic block shapes. The long bridge cut has already been placed on the leading edge underside.

The 2nd image shows the line marking & direction flow - a kind of contour mapping of where to cut.

The seating boards are set on corrugated cardboard membranes on top the base blocks to give a small working gap space whilst working on the side profiling.

The oak seating boards will be set finally on to 1.5 mm stainless steel shim plates between concrete and oak to maintain neutrality between the tanic acid of the oak and alkaline quality of the concrete. You can see the prep shims laying on the bench in the 1st image.

Once marked up, carving & hollow form shaping can begin.

moto_0948 moto_0949