Transcending the bridge of scales.

Relative perceptions from a human observed view point. Grain of sand to the size of the Sun are perhaps quantifiable. Less so are the myriad multiples of the very smallest, smallest thing and the very largest astronomic event/entirety. Are these not one and the same? We can only of course measure by the instruments we create in the light that exists.

Meanwhile, sharks prove tricky to contain - even in a tank.

That Autumnal feeling!

Leaves begin to gently fall to the ground in fading glory through a palette of warming glow. Dappled sunlight plays across the ground drenched in the heat of the daylight sun.

Elsewhere a man stands diligently exasperated behind the burden of his lawnmower.

New stripes awash in a blaze of green.



Mirror, mirror

What is it that is so captivating about reflection? Is it some primal instinctive reaction, deeply rooted draw of focus to engage, to be mesmerized. Light transmission bending and warping.

Fire, television, a pool of water...

Above left - 'pause for thought' Mid cycle through polishing work stages of a copper 'Anish Kapoor' Sky Mirror at High Grade. Observer caught in the act! Above right - Sylvain at work.

The Speed of Ginko leaves.

Perhaps not a question asked everyday. How fast are Ginko tree leaves?

What do you mean - how fast are Ginko tree leaves?

Apart from the amazing myriad of variations upon the one single leaf form, and the amazing thing that it does, light conversion and sugar energy channels, veins - what an amazing structure, just swaying in the breeze.

smooth rays, dappled light, diffused rays - Smooth Rays swimming gracefully in fluid motion.

Yes, it's an observation of reflective design - what we see, how we connect and then of course - how do we move through the translation back to the everyday. How we interpret.

Back to the sugar though for a moment - perhaps one way to begin to get a sense of the speed of ginko leaves - the speed of movement through the fluid lines.

Ride a bike down a long hill. Now repeat this and imagine a tilt shift of around 2 degrees each time you come down.*

So, how fast are Ginko leaves?

I would say pretty fast indeed!

It's all a question of scale and ways of seeing.

* Ginko leaves are way, way faster.

Underhill project nears completion.

The Underhill Children's centre sculptural project installation comprising 3.4 m bench, gate and sculpture pole elements nears completetion. Installation due around mid January 2009.

moto_0870 moto_0891 moto_0892 moto_0894

The above images show the gate and bench. See earlier posts for design drawings & initial work.

Below are images of the sculptural elements mounted onto the foundation blocks. These blocks are set below ground level (45 mm below a rubberised safty surface) There then exists a 30 mm finger safety gap between the bottom of the element installation and ground level.

moto_0867 moto_0900 moto_0901

More images comming soon.

New version Nimm Kei takes shape.

Set up of the back rest into seat and arm rests onto the arm post then...   


...test assembly.


There are now a few more line weights to trim/adjust before commencing the final assembly. Probably during next week. Key differences of the new version, it's all subtle stuff, is the long curvature trim work on the back rests - not visible in these images. And the underside relief carving to edge detailing of the seat. 

Cliff bloc.

Simple carved seating block form in oak for Kinectic Sculpture viewing.

This skew form 2 seater carved form has been delivered to it's final location to give a simple seating area to view a kinetic sculpture form within a garden setting. The block form will now have a york stone setting. The stone wedge in the image indicates the level. The york stone setting will be flush with grass level at the front, whilst a small step at the rear. This is to give a solid & level defined base surface for the 'Cliff bloc' seat to rest upon within the falling slope of the garden setting. The seating dish hollowing is also cut at a falling rate to the rear to add comfort to the low height block & allow rainfall run off. This peice will eventually weather to a beautiful silver grey echoing that of the brushed stainless steel sculpture.

From the seat in all directions!

So, here is the start of the carving & framing of a new Nimm kei chair. Firstly, carving the basic saddle seat hollowing from the seat blank. In this instance I have used an 'arbortech' You can see this tool lying to the right side of the bench in the 1st couple of images. It is a rotary cutter attachment that fits to a standard angle grinder. I do from time to time still advocate the use of an 'adze' for seat hollowing. This is rather like a cross between a heavy gouge and an axe. In this instance I reach for the arbortech as there is much hollowing to be done, not only on the top side, the underside leading edges & scoops, plus other seat blanks to hollow.

The 2nd image above also shows the steam bent components used in arm rest & arm posts.

Next the arm posts junctions into the seat are created. After this the leg joints into the seat are made. The images show the 1st fitting of the arm posts & the drilling of the rear leg sockets. This is done with a 'brace & bit' - a hand operated device that allows slow, controlled & accurate - sight to 'bevel & map' drilling.

Fitting of front legs to follow, then invariably will come more styling, shape & magic form finding!

Meanwhile on the otherside of the workshop we've been busy with the concrete mixer creating the smooth cast block & disc setting for this sculptural form. Will post some images of the mould opening soon. 550 H block @ 350 sq to be placed on a flush set disc 750 dia. You can see the mock up in the images.

Enter the 'World of chaircreative' - So, finally got the hang of this blog!

Yes, at long last - So, now lots of exciting stuff posted here with images to keep you up to date with the happenings at the 'World of chaircreative'

Here's a sneak preview of a bench shot of the backrest of the current 8.5m long 'Sleeping Dragon' project.

moto_0230.jpg Were taking one of these big spheres off to the craft in focus at Canterbury event this weekend, They are also part of the 'Sleeping Dragon' as well as loads of other new sculptural works & seating.