The art of the subtle line shift

Cutting in the lines of a slight return compound profile. Turning straight boards of wood into something quite interesting.

Image above shows the creation of a sub-shelf junction on a console table piece (viewed oblique). The drawing section shows the basic 2d contour profile of the layered cuts. The sum of all the subtle relief sculpted curvatures in the final work adds up to create that certain something else that really makes a piece stand out. At first glance of course it may not be obviously apparent why it may command such a presence, however, the subtle line weight shift transitions turn and roll to accentuate or diminish the edge. The edge holds the outline of the form. The form itself is illuminated in sculptural relief as well as being a tactile object. The shape of the curve is the weight of journey we take through it. Of course it is one thing to be able to 'think of a shape', it is another thing altogether to be able bring that compound shape into a proportional manifest reality.

In essence it is all about layers.

Take a look at this 'Gap Set' coffee table piece created by a recent workshop course attendee from a 'chaircreative' design

world of edges

meanwhile back on earth, back at chaircreative studio world - it is all about be more precise - transitions. Fluid flowing feather line edges.

working on the seating structures for the new 'resting points' commission for the Isle of Harty cycle trail at the 'Raptor Point' RSPB nature reserve.

Incidentally - A sphere of course, viewed at first has no edges. Until that is perhaps you start to look in more detail at the given surface.

Shell Pack

Somewhere nearer the reality of making. Here is the group of sculptural elements for the Spinney at Leysdown, awaiting despatch and installation. Install date - end october, more images to follow.

Meanwhile, sharks still loose and the one pig tank is still not black!

Optimal foraging behavior

Shape shifting, shape forming. searching, seeking, roaming and foraging.

A shaft of sunlight illuminates its hulking mass whilst lurking in the depths of the workshop, feeding on shavings and off cuts and leftover scraps of a fertile imagination - gradually a form takes shape...

...Der Eber.

Meanwhile in the far off a distance - a man is waving his hands in the air.

"Where?" - Right up over there as you go around the corner. "oh yes, I can see now. What is that?"

"Is that not the same man we saw the other day riding that yellow bike?" - Yes, I think it is.

Hammerhead RVS

Meanwhile at AB fine art foundry Hammerhead RVS takes shape.

The above images show the component assembly and line development (still with set up tacks). Next comes the final fillet welding (the smooth rounded joins between the component sections - such as from the back rests to seat base) and filling of all the joint structures (such as front seat section and front leg yoke brace) before the chair goes to the final high grade definition mirror polishing. The final finish will be like the back rests all over! I am very happy with the way they are recreating the Hammerhead chair design.

When it is complete it is of course going to be absolutely stunning.

And at the chaircreative workshop/studio we are busy creating big Razorfish shells.

More on this project as it develops.

Asymmetric/symmetric balance.

2 legs good. 4 legs faster. And 5 legs?

3 legs good too!

Development work on one of the current commissioned projects - table pieces for a curving seating enclave. 3 pieces. Oak tops, bleached ash legs.

Small side table. Shown here after 1st oil burnish.

mid table - near completion. Designed to accommodate under placement of 2 footstools.

long table - in creation.

Images of complete installation - end March 2011.

line weights - chop, chop!

So here is a nice slightly out of focus, cropped with distracting background, image of the development of new chair - Nimm Rae.

Of course this is just a tantalizing glimpse of the movement of fluid speed lines as they descend, rise and turn around the profiles of the seat base. So, where does one edge start and another stop? They don't. They simply transcend form light into shadow. More images coming soon.

foldable, lockable

Exterior bench designs for Southwark Borough Council. 2 foldable, lockable benches.

These benches feature galvanized steel frame work, stainless steel fittings with prime oak seating boards. Images depict the completed benches at the workshop ready for install. (due 1st week October) You can also see the cast concrete 'key' setting bases and base plate that are buried below ground level with additional post mix support infill. More images will be posted soon.

New Chairs for Hancocks The Jewelers.

5 new office chairs near completion for Hancocks the Jewelers office in the Burlington Arcade, London, W1
Final clean up now underway, then oil burnish finish and application of stainless steel badge monogram, then off to upholsters for the final touch.
Will post more images when complete.

See earlier post - 'Wood for the trees' - for original concept drawing for the chairs.
See earlier post - 'New Year - Desks' - to see the desks that these chairs were designed for.