Wax Works

The melting pot. 

A visit to Milwyn foundry to check on the progress of the making of Kre

The Moulds have been created from the component parts and the first positive waxes produced. Kre is being produced with the 'lost wax' process of casting.  There is of course still a long way to go until the final piece comes together! At this stage though we are interested in generating good moulds. Good moulds make good waxes and good waxes produce clean definition castings. In the gallery below you can see the positive waxes with the hollow void cavities. You may notice that the back section has been broken down into smaller component parts to facilitate ease of sectional casting in the slender backrests. The next stage will be the ceramic dip to make the moulds for the bronze casting. Essentially this is about making a hard fired ceramic shell around the wax positives with pouring cups. The ceramic shells are painstakingly created in layers of multiple coated dipping - each carefully dried before applying the following coating. Reinforcing structure is also added to the larger component sections to keep them stable during casting. The ceramic coated moulds are then kiln fired to remove all of the wax inside and make the hard shell mould ready for pouring.

The bronze pour for Kre is due in around 3 weeks time - more pics to follow then on that part of the process of making. 


And here's the ceramic dip process taking place of some old skeletons in the closet. It's certainly messy work!