Now available in green.

...long time...

…yes, I know.

so busy, so many projects...

…so little time to mention them all.

Here is a quick sneak look though at latest incarnation of Kre . Picked up today from Milwyn Fine Art foundry. 1st opportunity to experience this piece for real will be in the 'collectibles' hall at Design Shanghai March 2015. Dragon Kre is patinated hollow cast bronze work created from an original carved template design by Alun Heslop. We are of course naturally very excited about this new piece.

Many other works and projects completed such as the 5.5m high carved standing oak sculptural form -  The Tree of Life.  There's a New 4m White bench,  More concrete in a new Beam bench design, Works for Hancocks the Jewellers, London (more on that in Spring 2015), Sculptural road bridge underway amongst things and here's Alun - just hanging around on a cantilevered suspended bench!