Layers upon layers

Generally when one thinks of layering, perhaps the assumption is to imagine a cumulative increase covering in substance or weight such as clothing, blankets or snow.  Not so in case of shape form carving though, where the effect of the addition of  layering of cuts, results in the physical and optical mass decreasing whilst the intended shape form in itself arises and reveals itself.

When one begins to think of a complex compound curvature shape or a series of interlocking shape forms in a physical structure and then the desire to manifest that in the material world - how does it happen?

Principally by being able to break down the intended shape into its inverse form of stock material removal with the addition of subtractive layer carving. The difficult part of course is not the cutting itself, but knowing where to mark the lines to begin!

So, here is the start of the dished hollow carving on Razorfish III. A new piece that when complete will be shown at the end of May at the Naga gallery, Boston, U.S - Exhibition: Furniture with Soul.

The dished seating hollowing on the Razorfish bench design is a complex series of interlocking hollows that are cut for ergonomic comfort performance, visually intriguing and tactile sensory delight. The whole piece plays with our perception of shifting optical defiance, appearing almost ethereally light whilst at the same time maintaing total structural solidity and physical mass. It is perhaps one of the joys of this design is that it subtly distorts our notion of what should and shouldn't work in so many ways yet still appears visually balanced ( more on this subject in due course. )  At this stage there is still a long way to go before it approaches the final form. In the following series of images though you can perhaps already begin to see the form arising.