In the green

Wisteria supports and railing design for London Town House.

The main focus of this project aspect was to provide new supports for the substantial Wisteria that grows along the front of several of these Georgian terrace town houses. Before the re modelling of the property the Wisteria had entwined itself and compromised the first floor period window balcony railings. A solution was sought that would enable the Wisteria to still be supported in front of the building and allow the previous existing balconies to be removed, be aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the surrounding area period listed architectural fittings.


The three supports each clamp the Wisteria at different points along its growth. The structures are fabricated in powder coated black steel for consistent appearance. The railing design is understated and kept to traditional patterns to to retain the original heritage aspect of the property and surroundings. Structures and railings fabricated and installed by TaylorBrooks Metal Work, who also developed the gate latch to be in keeping with the design.

The design and location points for the clamp heads in relation to the ground and wall and styling was created by using full size plywood template forms of the Wisteria support structures. These were offered up in place at location to check for correct alignment.