Solidified in form.

Latest bronze chair Kre nears completion at Milwyn Fine art foundry. 

The component cast parts have now been welded into the singular chair form. 


A small amount of 'line-edge' chasing and correction is required before the final surface finishing - easier said than done with bronze metal. You can also see the template mould form chair in the background used in reference for the assembly of the bronze version. Those skeletons from the closet keep on hanging around too!


The final surface will now be patinated and polished through to pick up detailing. Image below shows the test application of different patina finishes, whilst the back still shows the coarse pre finished surface.


Completion due mid March.  Images to follow thereafter.

First public showing of Kre will be at - 'Welcome to the Material Mind' exhibition - April 21 to May 1 2014 at Great Western Studios, London.

Meanwhile, one of our major interiors projects takes shape - below is the base section of a desk unit that forms part of a suite of sculptural free standing furniture elements and sales/reception area for specialist London retail space. More to follow on this project in due course.