Typical day at the office II.

Just hanging around waiting for something to happen!


Beam balance - yet another stream of consciousness passes by the 'Vehicle of Dreams' * .

Actually this is the raw beam oak that it is the starting point of our 3.2 m 'i drop!' sculptural form.

It is quite heavy! - (mild understatement)

Next week sees some of the initial shape form carving where we also set the piece upright.  Keep a look out for that.

Meanwhile the casting template form for new chair throne project 'Kre' nears completion (images withheld for the time being - just to keep you guessing, however, watch out soon for images of a 2012 revised take on one of the original 'Nimm' type chair patterns. 

* Thoughts contained, stored and then released.  This week Mr S. Spooner works on the moving parts.