3.2m fruit bowl?

Well not quite, although I was quite pleased with this 'still life' workshop image of fruit in a bowl.  Actually of course it is not really a bowl - it is the roughed out top dish hollow section of one of our current projects - 'i drop!' sculptural form which will eventually be a bleached oak finish. 

And here is an image of the roughed out form standing just on the point of balance. As you can perhaps imagine, there is still a long way to go as yet with this piece.  Next week though we cast the foundation key block with the solid 32 mm diameter stainless steel bar anchor pin.  Images to follow.

And whilst on subject of roughing out sculptural forms. Work is now well underway on  a local area project sculptural installation for the new 'Woodlands Meed' school in town. This project consists of a series of 8 wall mounted works that line the main corridor through the centre of the new building. The works are being carved in Walnut from a tree that that was previously on the new school site. Will post more on this project as it develops.

Here is a sneak peek at near completed 'Vehicle of Dreams' in limed ash. Installation due Mid February. Installation images to follow in due course.  Moving parts made by Mr S Spooner.


And now for something else!

Image here of show stand designed for RPM 90 cycling Holidays and their display at the London cycle show 2013 at Excel. Will post more detail pics of this tomorrow when I go to visit.  Although this may be the clearest pic as it is sure to be busy!

That's quite a lot of things going on then that are not chairs!

Well actually there is quite a lot going on that you can sit on, more on this in due course, however, the new 'Razorfish III' and a new version of 'Nimm Rae' will feature in 'Furniture with Soul' Exhibition at the Naga gallery, Boston, U.S in May 2013. Plus next up in creation schedule commissioned pieces - Vanimm and Nimm Kei