London bike show

So, here is another pic from the show and an image of the display stand set up at the workshop/studio.  

This display area was designed for rpm 90 cycle holidays in order to create a welcoming space in which rpm 90 staff can entertain enquiries from visitors. The show stand concept was custom designed for the 2 x 2 m space. The storage space with the fluid sectional layer curvatures is slightly reminiscent of the gap sets on the cassette sprockets of the rear wheel gears, whilst a detail feature for the aperture door opening actually does have a 12t gear ring.  The colouration features 2 tones of black, flat tarmac/charcoal and semi sheen super black to catch the light and be coordinated with the background 'brand' id of rpm 90. Keen eyed observers will also spot the use of 'Avena' stools that work superbly with the space whilst providing staff a comfortable perch to rest through the duration of the 4 day event.

Considerations also being given for ease of assembly/dissemble at the event. The horizontal corner space effectively brakes down into 2 flat surfaces with the gear storage cupboard space and 3 legs.  

It certainly was a lot of fun designing the concept for this space - how visitors will interact with staff in the space, the sense of 'flow' and movement both physically in the area and aesthetically through the curvatures whilst addressing the functionality issues of storage, a neat way to display a bike and how to maximize the feeling of space within 4m3