The inside line - from idea to reality

Here's a view of the inner detail of a new sculptural 3 vane leg element.


This particular structure forms the basis of a coffee table commission. The original design shown below with glass top. The actual finished work by request will feature a single piece board top in elm wood. More pics to follow soon of the completed work in situ.

Above is one of several designs that where proposed in order to fulfil the desired brief of a small table to fit a pre-destined space. In the drawing above you can also see over-line sketch work on the actual 1:1 template showing the physical spatial presence on the workshop/studio floor. This template form was also taken to the client's location. Templating and model making are of course very useful tools in order to effectively visualise objects in the 'real' world to give a true indication of how traffic flow and integration works around the intended new piece. This small table outline template is  fairly straight forward to create, the styling though on the finished work is not, although the look of the final piece is that of a smooth fluid simplistic fin blade form, it comprises of many layers of sculpted compound relief cuts in order to achieve the desired effect.   I will be posting more on templating in due course in regard to some of the latest projects currently underway, which have much more challenging functionality to be included within the design brief.  In the meantime - below is the sketch drawing with solid wood top 

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 20.31.44.png