Cracking the mould - with a power screw driver!

Actually its not quite cracking the mould, its more a case of slowly un-screwing the panels, however,  its still very exciting! So here are the the finished castings for the NPC - BS. Or to be more descriptive - the Newnham church Bus stop seat.

Cast white concrete.

moto_0938 moto_0941

moto_0942 moto_0943

And here is the initial lay up of the seating & back rest boards.


You can just see all those lovely flowing curvatures...

...well may be not just yet, that's next.

more soon.

That old chestnut - reconstructed.

We were working on this at the start of March. chestnut2.jpg chestnut3.jpg moto_0190.jpg moto_0192.jpg    moto_0204.jpg

The concept was to create a piece for an exhibition about the use of coppiced sweet chestnut wood.

So, we thought it would be a great idea to saw a longish chestnut log in half and then cleave into quarters. 8 pieces. Double tapered, then re - construct using stainless steel connectors. All then set into a plinth formed of shifting oak blocks (books).

So what is it all about then?

You can bring what you like to this, view it merely as a pleasing object, just peer through it - inside it.

It also speaks of a once widely used wood for a multitude of uses such as hop poles, fencing, ladders - (tradition) meets contemporary construction aesthetic balanced on the ever shifting knowledge of expectation. Seeing through, within to the very heart, centre of the form that once again stands like a tree, reaching back up to the sky.

It was quite a challenge to assemble!

FORM London Exhibition

FORM London logoJust to let you know that Alun Heslop of chaircreative will be exhibiting new pieces & discussing the latest sight specific & centre piece projects at FORM-LONDON28th Feb - 2nd March - Olympia - London.  Stand number A111. Experience the fine art & exceptional sculptural craftsmanship of  chaircreative. See insights into the new work projects for 2008. - Art, design & dialogue. Look forward to meeting you there.