Cracking the mould - with a power screw driver!

Actually its not quite cracking the mould, its more a case of slowly un-screwing the panels, however,  its still very exciting! So here are the the finished castings for the NPC - BS. Or to be more descriptive - the Newnham church Bus stop seat.

Cast white concrete.

moto_0938 moto_0941

moto_0942 moto_0943

And here is the initial lay up of the seating & back rest boards.


You can just see all those lovely flowing curvatures...

...well may be not just yet, that's next.

more soon.

Art concrete!

Opening the moulds of the base settings for the latest sculptural work. The smooth cast 750 mm dia disc will be flush set at grass level on site whilst the 550 H x 350 sq base setting block will be positioned centrally on the disc setting. This gives a strong & grounded visual base to the sculptural work whilst at the same time creating an easy maintenance/grass cutting solution.

Installation of complete work will take place some time toward the end of next week.

(see also 2.5m i drop! sculptures & installation - posted earlier in this blog)

You can see the hollow cast structure of the setting block - we used strong cardboard boxes, you can see the really sumped distortion of the cardboard in the concrete, more about this in the future. You can also make out the only brief glimpse of the sunshine of the day illuminating the hollow.  The residue of the white grease release agent is still visible on the castings.

Also hear is an image of the current pond pump seating project - inserting the stainless steel fillet joints.