Cricketer's bench gets a plaque!

Plaques are tricky things. The Cricketer's bench is a commemorative piece - official presentation is on Saturday the 26th May, at the 1st cricket match of the season on the newly restored cricket pitch within the Belmont Estate.

Plaques are tricky because they can interfere with the line & look of a piece. After much careful consideration we decided to run the plaque on the bench as a prominant part of it. The plaque has been flush set to keep the clean line of the seating & adds a touch of class, rather than being merely screwed on as an after thought.

Initial idea was to run the plaque in its own base setting flush set with the grass level under the bench. However we opted not to proceed with this as we felt that not only would the plaque be lost to easily - it would require such a large base setting to make it stand out that this in itself would dominate the work. Strimming over brass more frequently to maintain up-keep would in time deteriorate the brass plaque & lettering. If this piece had been set on a hard standing we would probably have opted to run the plaque somewhere in line below the bench it self.

moto_0431.jpg belmoinstal7sml.jpg

Hopefully if it is nice over the weekend we will post some pics of the cricket match!