Lobo Loi - assembly

moto_0539.jpg moto_0540.jpg moto_0541.jpg moto_0542.jpg moto_0543.jpg Assembled, Wedged & pinned.

The lovely plastic & bubble wrap leg warmers are to prevent glue splashes running down the pristine legs.

Next comes final fine finishing & 1st oil.

Here are also a couple of pics of the 1st oil on the upper section of 'Moon rising over Misty mountain' - another exceptional piece of walnut in the back rest & that amazing American quilted maple seat.. It gives a good idea as to how the rich deep oiled walnut will look on the seat of Lobo Loi.

This chair will be finally assembled during the early part of next week.

moto_0538.jpg moto_0537.jpg moto_0506.jpg moto_0505.jpg

Lobo Loi

New chair design in the making - 'Lobo Loi' moto_0517.jpg moto_0518.jpg moto_0519.jpg moto_0520.jpg moto_0522.jpg moto_0523.jpg moto_0524.jpg moto_0525.jpg

We are currently bringing up 2 new chairs one of which is this rather pleasing low bow back chair design from the Landscape of invention. Features a beautiful figured walnut seat. All other components in that wonderous ash. You can also see Murray in action in the 2nd from left image working on the fine finishing of the back of the Guitarist's chair - 'Moon rising over Misty Mountain'. This peice is now nearing completion with all legs cut & test fitted now awaiting final assembly.

Bed time - again! this time, for real

Delivery of bed - Bedroom furniture project complete. It was getting later in the evening (around 8.15pm) yesterday (21st) when the last piece of the bedroom furniture project was delivered.

Complimenting the console & sidetables

You can just see those lovely long bridge cuts under the bed rails!

moto_0434.jpg    moto_0435.jpg    imgp0189.JPG    imgp0186.JPG    imgp0187.JPG

We will have some crisp daylight images posted soon,

The headboard is a beautiful wild figured elm, footboard also elm. bedrails in beech, ash slats.

bed time!

After a few days away at James's workshop for framing the jointed bed components returned to the chaircreative workshop. This project was designed & sculpted (head board & foot board assemblies) by Alun Heslop whilst the frame jointing was carried out by fine furniture maker James Huddleston.

We both completed the final fettling & finishing of line edge profiles, bridge cuts under bed rails & the pinning of the joints. Assembly & dis-assembly has been taken in mind whilst designing the bed as it is of course quite heavy so a take apart option makes for ease of transportation.  Beech & elm are the chosen woods to compliment other pieces within the complete project - console & bedside tables - designed & created by Alun Heslop. Local Councillor, V.I.P, the right honourable Mr D. Barker can be seen inspecting quality control of the bed framing progress.

Oil finishing is next,

Bed slats will be from ash wood.

Will post more pics of final finished bed when complete.

James Huddleston furniture

moto_0380.jpg moto_0371.jpg moto_0373.jpg moto_0377.jpg moto_0381.jpg moto_0382.jpg moto_0383.jpg moto_0387.jpg moto_0390.jpg moto_0392.jpg