It's a landscape! no really it is.

It may not be  totally obvious, however  this piece - the Guitarists chair, definately has a landscape within . Moon rise over misty mountain.

Actually that's probably a song title aswell.

Back rest now fitted into seat with large 'through tennon' into the big single mortice in the seat. More edge & definition work on the back rest element. Seat marked up for bridge relief cuts. Managed to get the bridge cuts done although unfortunately have not yet made an image of this. They do look really good. Incorporated some new styling on the front edge undercuts. It's subtle stuff, yet it really brings life, lightness & movement into the seat. The rear undercuts are also work extremely well blending through into the back seat edges. It's all in the landscape of invention.


And that is a Kingfisher in the background too.  More Wildlife!

The Guitarists chair

How to be in 2 places at the same time! - Further work today at the workshop on the Guitarist chair project. This is a commissioned piece for a guitarist looking for a truly unique, bespoke chair.

After a few e mail chats & receiving some images of his most amazing guitars I developed an overall scheme for the design. The seat is the heart of the piece and so the mission became to source something extra special for the seat that would reflect the beauty of his guitar collection - many featuring book matched figured maple backs.

The set up for this piece will be a fairly prone position. The client visited the workshop to view the selected seat wood and we discussed in detail how he sits while playing the guitar - and how this effects the set up of the back rest in relation to the width, height & depth of seat.

My initial concern was that perhaps the booked matched seating board formed from a most spectacualr block of wide 'killer flame' American qulited maple may have been to wide. However at the chair fitting the client assured that he wanted to see the most of the seat (the wood is truly spectacular) and that he infact played with one knee slightly raised by placing one foot on the other.

Exceptional figured woods for what will become an exceptional chair. The back is carved walnut while the legs will be steam bent-curved walnut. I am particularly please at the current time with the seating profile and the developing relationship to the profiles of the backrest.


The pdf drawing illustrates the basic premise of the design.