The Sleeping Dragon - banked curve.

moto_0456.jpg moto_0455.jpg moto_0460.jpg moto_0463.jpg moto_0464.jpg moto_0465.jpg moto_0467.jpg moto_0468.jpg Creation of the banked curve section.

The 1st image shows the 'under drop' cut into the flow of the banked curve. The whole section uses segmented tapers, rising & falling, then tapering down to the lower tail section. You can see the concept of the construction in the 2nd image. 3rd image shows the 'gap set' spacers. In the last images you can see the bulk carving being carried out with the use once more of the 'arbotech'. The final image is taken from low down at the end of the tail & gives an odd distorted view of the curvature. At this stage the mid point board is still un - carved & so stands out 'on edge'.

The Sleeping Dragon - link & tail.

link-1-sml.jpg link-section-1-ah.jpg link-section-3-ah.jpg link-section-2-ah.jpg The link section complete from the mid/back rest section to the great knuckle block.

sd-tail-sml.jpg sd-tail-section-3-ahsml.jpg sd-tail-section-2-ahsml.jpg sd-section-tail-1-ahsml.jpg

Tail section complete.

And now, creating the banked curve section. In the images below you can make out the board layout for the curvature. This section is 3.8 m in length. You can also just see at the far end the inclusion of the 'tail' section board arrangement.

moto_0451.jpg moto_0453.jpg

Soon to be sourcing the 'York' stone slab settings.

We are currently looking to install mid June 2008.