Sail tables

Creation of a pair of 'Sail' tables. Patio terrace tables in oak & marine grade stainless hard wear.

Images show the small one. This is 2m in length. Next up comes the big one, 3.4m - so this is like a test run for the 'up-scale'

you can still see the 'draw-bore' pegging in the oak beam frame work of the table with glimpses of 316 grade stainless tubing in the gap set of the table top.

These are a lot of fun to create. Complete antithesis of course to the interior works in all 'light & graceful' elegance in the chair. Still will have to be careful though as might end up being - 'tablecreative'

Images of the large Sail table as we move through it. IMG_0232 IMG_0235 IMG_0237 IMG_0238 IMG_0239 IMG_0240 IMG_0242 IMG_0246 IMG_0247 IMG_0252 IMG_0253 IMG_0254

Bench planting!

It's that time of year again - things really beginning to grow. And look! Here's a bench we planted yesterday. npc-bs5sml

The Newnham Church Bus Stop Bench, East Kent.

Fine weather pre booked for the planting of NPC-BS (Newnham Parish Council - Bus Stop) project.

Yes, it's a heavy piece. The following images give an insight into the installation process. Firstly is setting those beautiful cast leg bases into the banking.

The 1st image shows Sue Gunner of Newnham Parish Council with Murray at the ready just as the bus pulls away.

moto_1030 moto_1031 moto_1034

_mg_7977 _mg_7983 _mg_8009

_mg_8019 _mg_8077 _mg_8093

We even had a little helper - Peter,  who came along just at the right time to play the shapes game with the end caps.

You can just make out the stainless steel shim plates on top of the cast blocks as the seating board unit is set onto the bases.

_mg_8122 npc-bs1sml npc-bs2sml

Oak, stainless steel with white cast concrete base settings.

See earlier postings for design drawings and workshop creation.

Some images courtesy Mr David Barker.

At a Bus Stop near you?

Cracking the mould - with a power screw driver!

Actually its not quite cracking the mould, its more a case of slowly un-screwing the panels, however,  its still very exciting! So here are the the finished castings for the NPC - BS. Or to be more descriptive - the Newnham church Bus stop seat.

Cast white concrete.

moto_0938 moto_0941

moto_0942 moto_0943

And here is the initial lay up of the seating & back rest boards.


You can just see all those lovely flowing curvatures...

...well may be not just yet, that's next.

more soon.

Harlequin Nimm.

New pair of Harlequin Nimm desk arm-chairs taking shape at the workshop.

As each stage of test assembly is reached there is the always the longing to reach the next line weight adjustment to get them looking that oh so subjective 'just right'.

Currently now the backs are test fitted the top rear edge profile is to be worked to bring in that subtle 'earth curve & fall' that really takes the seat plane to another level. You can probably also see in the images that the front leading edges are still to be worked when these images were taken. Arms should arrive in place by early next week.

And you can just see 'Rollog' in the bottom left in 2 of the image!

Cliff bloc.

Simple carved seating block form in oak for Kinectic Sculpture viewing.

This skew form 2 seater carved form has been delivered to it's final location to give a simple seating area to view a kinetic sculpture form within a garden setting. The block form will now have a york stone setting. The stone wedge in the image indicates the level. The york stone setting will be flush with grass level at the front, whilst a small step at the rear. This is to give a solid & level defined base surface for the 'Cliff bloc' seat to rest upon within the falling slope of the garden setting. The seating dish hollowing is also cut at a falling rate to the rear to add comfort to the low height block & allow rainfall run off. This peice will eventually weather to a beautiful silver grey echoing that of the brushed stainless steel sculpture.

Lets play with earth - Sculpture installation day

Am: 2.5m i drop! id8smlarty.jpg Pm: Vane vane-3sml.jpg It was good & sunny - always helpful when installing new sculptural works outside. Morning we put in a 2.5m oak i drop! This particular incarnation was mounted onto a smooth cast black concrete disc, set flush with the grass level. Below this is the mass concrete setting block - remeber the lo fi aliens? Well they were very useful! In the images you can see Murray preparing the site. The solid 1 1/4"dia solid stainless steel rod is visble through the black mountaing washer. Due to the nature of heavy mass lumps of concrete you can see that the mounting disc really is just a washer with the sligly oversize hole allowing ease of set up & positioning. Once the mass block is in place (this does all the support of the sculptural form) it is then ram packed in the sides with concrete to firmly set it in the ground.

idrc8.jpg idrc7.jpg idrc6.jpg idrc5.jpg idrc4.jpg idrc3.jpg id15sml.jpg

Once the block & washer are set, the are edges in filled, the i drop! is then set onto the pin. Sounds light & easy writting that! It is a 3 person job to set the i drop! onto the pin.

idrc1.jpg idrc2.jpg id1sml.jpg

In the Afternoon it was off to a Kentish Coastal creek town to install Vane. A smaller & much lighter piece at 1.8m.


Vane was designed & created for a compact garden courtyard space. The piece replaces an old ill fitting water feature. The new sculptural work uses the existing layout of the space to great effect. The following images show a similar installation method on a much smaller scale to that of the i drop! Vane rotates with the wind on a stainless steel and long socket nylon sleeve bearing. This piece evokes the sense of wind, sail, flight & feather - whilst being rooted into the earth and reaching to the sky.

vane-instal-4.jpg vane-instal-3.jpg vane-instal2.jpg vane-instal1.jpg vane-2sml.jpg

Vane is created in oak whilst the base washer is charred oak.

vane15sml.jpg vane-10-sml.jpg

The Sleeping Dragon - banked curve nears completion.

moto_0469.jpg    moto_0470.jpg    moto_0471.jpg    moto_0473.jpg    moto_0475.jpg    moto_0476.jpg    moto_0478.jpg These images show the 'soft wave ripple' carving over the banked curve section. 1st & 4th show the under side trims marked in preparation for cutting, whilst the last image shows the underside of the curve section near the base block mount. Here you can see the 'run in' cut to flow with the line of the base block.

The Sleeping Dragon - banked curve.

moto_0456.jpg moto_0455.jpg moto_0460.jpg moto_0463.jpg moto_0464.jpg moto_0465.jpg moto_0467.jpg moto_0468.jpg Creation of the banked curve section.

The 1st image shows the 'under drop' cut into the flow of the banked curve. The whole section uses segmented tapers, rising & falling, then tapering down to the lower tail section. You can see the concept of the construction in the 2nd image. 3rd image shows the 'gap set' spacers. In the last images you can see the bulk carving being carried out with the use once more of the 'arbotech'. The final image is taken from low down at the end of the tail & gives an odd distorted view of the curvature. At this stage the mid point board is still un - carved & so stands out 'on edge'.

The Sleeping Dragon - link & tail.

link-1-sml.jpg link-section-1-ah.jpg link-section-3-ah.jpg link-section-2-ah.jpg The link section complete from the mid/back rest section to the great knuckle block.

sd-tail-sml.jpg sd-tail-section-3-ahsml.jpg sd-tail-section-2-ahsml.jpg sd-section-tail-1-ahsml.jpg

Tail section complete.

And now, creating the banked curve section. In the images below you can make out the board layout for the curvature. This section is 3.8 m in length. You can also just see at the far end the inclusion of the 'tail' section board arrangement.

moto_0451.jpg moto_0453.jpg

Soon to be sourcing the 'York' stone slab settings.

We are currently looking to install mid June 2008.

The Sleeping Dragon - toward the mighty knuckle block.

Now working off to the right side of the back rest section. moto_0436.jpg moto_0438.jpg moto_0442.jpg moto_0444.jpg

Forming the link section to the 'knuckle' block. In the 1st image you can just see the start of the banked curve section and in the last image you can also see that big wave hollow cut in the knuckle as it moves round into the sweep of the banked curve.

Use of the convex spokeshave to clean up the carving after the arbortec. Low angle spoke shaves have been used extensively in this project to bring out the radius cuts on the end grain of the seating boards. This link section features a streched low 'carapace' cut styling to give a dynamic sense of movement within the line weights.

The West Hoathly school Story Tellers chair - official presentation!

Way back in time to, er, last Monday morning (19th). A lot has happened since then! Official press day & presentation of the Story Tellers chair with a dedication at a special assembly in the outside classroom. Around Sussex way, you will probably have seen it featured in all the local press.

dsc03461.JPG dsc03498.JPG dsc03491.JPG

The Sleeping Dragon - Sun sphere is set.

The big sphere has finally been set within the sleeping dragon bench. This section has 1 subsection that caps over the sphere during installation. You can see in the images some of the subtle 'orbital' hollowing around the setting of the sphere. moto_0394.jpg    moto_0395.jpg    moto_0397.jpg

The ring setting of the sphere was quite tricky to get right - numerous times the seating board sections were offered up to the sphere to get the correct radial concave hollowing recess.

moto_0415.jpg    moto_0414.jpg    moto_0418.jpg

moto_0416.jpg    moto_0425.jpg    moto_0422.jpg    moto_0424.jpg

next up is the seating section form the right hand end of the back rest section to the mighty knuckle block. Watch this space!

Cricketer's bench gets a plaque!

Plaques are tricky things. The Cricketer's bench is a commemorative piece - official presentation is on Saturday the 26th May, at the 1st cricket match of the season on the newly restored cricket pitch within the Belmont Estate.

Plaques are tricky because they can interfere with the line & look of a piece. After much careful consideration we decided to run the plaque on the bench as a prominant part of it. The plaque has been flush set to keep the clean line of the seating & adds a touch of class, rather than being merely screwed on as an after thought.

Initial idea was to run the plaque in its own base setting flush set with the grass level under the bench. However we opted not to proceed with this as we felt that not only would the plaque be lost to easily - it would require such a large base setting to make it stand out that this in itself would dominate the work. Strimming over brass more frequently to maintain up-keep would in time deteriorate the brass plaque & lettering. If this piece had been set on a hard standing we would probably have opted to run the plaque somewhere in line below the bench it self.

moto_0431.jpg belmoinstal7sml.jpg

Hopefully if it is nice over the weekend we will post some pics of the cricket match!

The Sleeping Dragon - setting the sun sphere.

Work progressing to set the big sun sphere within the the 'sleeping dragon'. The big 'sun' sphere (650 mm dia) is positioned & marked and the end section boards have then been layed out before being drilled & connector jointed with the 25 mm dia stainless steel rods.

Images depict work so far up to 1st test fit of the board sections over the sphere. There is some trim & edge adjustment necessary to get the board section located correctly & fully into position. Once this is complete the end subsections will be assembled into a single section that will join into the back rest sections.

There is also a fair ammount of edge profile & relief carving to be undertaken within the 'sun' sphere section. You'll see more images of this as it progresses.

You can also see in the images the blocking used to fill the void to scribe the circle cutaway with the 'long' compasses.

Have also included here an image of one of the sections from under the backrest as it is so appealing in its own right. I am sure there's another concept brewing in that!

moto_0317.jpg moto_0318.jpg moto_0319.jpg moto_0320.jpg moto_0361.jpg moto_0364.jpg moto_0365.jpg moto_0322.jpg

West Hoathly school Story Teller's chair - Installation.

Today was the day - back to school. A primary school in West Sussex. And, in amongst the heavy showery weather of recent, it did not rain.

Yesterdays 2.5 m i drop! II installation for a new Arboretum in St. Albans had to be postponed due to the water logged ground - vehicle access to site. The weather is what the weather does!

Anyhow, back to today. Arrived to install during a PE lesson! And yes did have a few balls comming my way.

Had not quite finished all setting by break time, so I got some extra help to finish up! moto_0324.jpg moto_0325.jpg moto_0327.jpg moto_0329.jpg moto_0337.jpg

moto_0359.jpg moto_0339.jpg moto_0355.jpg moto_0344.jpg moto_0352.jpg moto_0348.jpg moto_0353.jpg moto_0342.jpg moto_0358.jpg moto_0346.jpg

Thats Mr Adam Earle (white shirt) headmaster of West Hoathly Primary school.

I really like the shadow effect from the rear post and as you can see in the sun shine the space is bathed in glorius tree dappled light.

The Official presentation & press day of this work will be on the morning Monday 19th May. Will post some more pics after the event. Time permitting will also post some pics of the making & set up of this work from earlier in the year.

The work is as yet still to be named. However now the chair is in view I am sure the pupils will create a fitting name.

The Oak & milling for this project was provided with courtesy & collaboration of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Wakehurst Place.

Wakehurst Place

Thanks to Iain Parkinson & James Pumfrey.

Original drawings of the Story chair for West Hoathly