Hancocks - waiting area seating installed.

Waiting area seating installed for Hancocks the Jewelers, Burlington Arcade, London. Images also depict other aspects of chaircreative interior design including the rejuvenation of the balustrade arrangement, vase stand planter and side table interlay. The waiting area then flows into the beautiful display cabinet work created by Ian Spencer.

More images of the final installation with chairs and other interior design elements to follow.

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Loud fish hand bag?

So what's happening here then? dsc00437

Well it's all about public transportation really.

Preparing to take 1:1 scale templates of a current project - new seating pieces for 'Hancocks' the Jewellers in the Burlington Arcade, London.

Making a set of full size templates into an easy carry package - new, big, loud fish handbag!

Image courtesy: David Barker.