Lets play with earth - Sculpture installation day

Am: 2.5m i drop! id8smlarty.jpg Pm: Vane vane-3sml.jpg It was good & sunny - always helpful when installing new sculptural works outside. Morning we put in a 2.5m oak i drop! This particular incarnation was mounted onto a smooth cast black concrete disc, set flush with the grass level. Below this is the mass concrete setting block - remeber the lo fi aliens? Well they were very useful! In the images you can see Murray preparing the site. The solid 1 1/4"dia solid stainless steel rod is visble through the black mountaing washer. Due to the nature of heavy mass lumps of concrete you can see that the mounting disc really is just a washer with the sligly oversize hole allowing ease of set up & positioning. Once the mass block is in place (this does all the support of the sculptural form) it is then ram packed in the sides with concrete to firmly set it in the ground.

idrc8.jpg idrc7.jpg idrc6.jpg idrc5.jpg idrc4.jpg idrc3.jpg id15sml.jpg

Once the block & washer are set, the are edges in filled, the i drop! is then set onto the pin. Sounds light & easy writting that! It is a 3 person job to set the i drop! onto the pin.

idrc1.jpg idrc2.jpg id1sml.jpg

In the Afternoon it was off to a Kentish Coastal creek town to install Vane. A smaller & much lighter piece at 1.8m.


Vane was designed & created for a compact garden courtyard space. The piece replaces an old ill fitting water feature. The new sculptural work uses the existing layout of the space to great effect. The following images show a similar installation method on a much smaller scale to that of the i drop! Vane rotates with the wind on a stainless steel and long socket nylon sleeve bearing. This piece evokes the sense of wind, sail, flight & feather - whilst being rooted into the earth and reaching to the sky.

vane-instal-4.jpg vane-instal-3.jpg vane-instal2.jpg vane-instal1.jpg vane-2sml.jpg

Vane is created in oak whilst the base washer is charred oak.

vane15sml.jpg vane-10-sml.jpg