Featuring RAL1026


It is certainly a colour that can not be missed. Referred to commonly as luminous yellow. This has been used in a recent project in detailing aspects and central to the hanging of a Hammerhead LSG template chair.

Seen below as the central core of an ottoman design.


This ottoman is a radial splay fin structure in bleached ash wood over a central hexagonal storage structure. The top is black leather upholstered with double line white stitching detail. The whole form then sits on a concealed low compression roller base so that it can easily be rolled around and moved, however when sitting down the roller base compresses to fix and set in location. The form is just under a 1m at widest points.

The same colour also used in the internal draw of a desk with black top and bleached ash frame work. An interesting aspect of this particular colour is how it appears to change in different light levels. This of course is subjective to the viewer. In sources of artificial light the bias is definately yellow, however with more daylight the luminosity appears toward green.

And here a suspended Hammerhead LSG template chair with the central section in RAL1026. The surrounding interior of the stairwell was not currently complete when this image taken with the fixing locations in the ceiling being made.


There is of course another point to mention. A single colour is very rarely seen in complete isolation, it is always in contrast and balance to something else.