Red cut

New work comes to life.

This a bench seating piece currently in construction at the studio workshop. Carved entirely in large section walnut wood. There is still a way to go with creation on this. It is shaping up very well though. More images to follow in due course. You will be able to experience this new work at exhibition in Autumn 2016.

Slicing through the duality of shifted halves, this new sculptural piece will feature juxtaposed dynamic visually movement within an optically defying comfortable bench seating form. 

The title of this piece does not refer to any missing apendages from use of the chainsaw in the initial shape form carving! Keen eyed observers will though notice the use of an electric chainsaw. Electric chainsaws are fun to use. I like the idea of the electric chainsaw as it feels that one could quite easily do some 'leisure activity cutting' in the evening in the living room at home - if one so desired!  (that is not a recommendation of good practice!)