Future History

Acts of Design & Creation.

The story of the making of Hammerhead RVS. London Design Festival 2012 Timothy Mark, New Quebec St. London (Marble Arch)

Also with illustrated talk on Tuesday 18th & Thursday 20th

So, if you are up in London for any events during LDF2012 do drop by and take a look.

yeah, long time since, I know...

Many new projects currently underway including 2012 revised pattern of the 'Nimm' chair. Some very exciting exterior bench seating works one of which is a piece about 1/2 size of the 'Sleeping Dragon' - mini dragon perhaps? Perhaps not. It is still 4.5m in all of its curvaceous glory. Vehicle of Dreams is still on going too. Possibly some pics soon, who knows... And, watch out early 2013 for new bronze chair - Kre.

Resting Points/Pigs will Fly

Installation now complete for the new works on the Isle of Harty cycle trail, Shepey, North Kent.'Resting Points' is situated on the RSPB nature reserve viewing site at 'Raptor Point' 'Pigs will Fly' is situated further along the trail near 'Harty' church and 'Harty' Ferry at the edge of the 'Swale' New works linking on the the cycle trail from Leysdown on Sea.

Below shows a series of images from the installation.

Ground works contractors setting the forms permanently with the stainless steel fixings and 'key' foundation blocks on site with concrete foundation mix. Last image above shows project coordinator Louise Francis of FrancisKnight taking a break whilst I am finishing the bolt capping details on the seat planes. Text created by Mark Hewitt - writer in residence for the Leysdown Rose tinted project. Letter carving by Stephen Spooner.

world of edges

meanwhile back on earth, back at chaircreative studio world - it is all about edges.to be more precise - transitions. Fluid flowing feather line edges.

working on the seating structures for the new 'resting points' commission for the Isle of Harty cycle trail at the 'Raptor Point' RSPB nature reserve.

Incidentally - A sphere of course, viewed at first has no edges. Until that is perhaps you start to look in more detail at the given surface.

Optimal foraging behavior

Shape shifting, shape forming. searching, seeking, roaming and foraging.

A shaft of sunlight illuminates its hulking mass whilst lurking in the depths of the workshop, feeding on shavings and off cuts and leftover scraps of a fertile imagination - gradually a form takes shape...

...Der Eber.

Meanwhile in the far off a distance - a man is waving his hands in the air.

"Where?" - Right up over there as you go around the corner. "oh yes, I can see now. What is that?"

"Is that not the same man we saw the other day riding that yellow bike?" - Yes, I think it is.

Mirror, mirror

What is it that is so captivating about reflection? Is it some primal instinctive reaction, deeply rooted draw of focus to engage, to be mesmerized. Light transmission bending and warping.

Fire, television, a pool of water...

Above left - 'pause for thought' Mid cycle through polishing work stages of a copper 'Anish Kapoor' Sky Mirror at High Grade. Observer caught in the act! Above right - Sylvain at work.

Hammerhead RVS

Meanwhile at AB fine art foundry Hammerhead RVS takes shape.

The above images show the component assembly and line development (still with set up tacks). Next comes the final fillet welding (the smooth rounded joins between the component sections - such as from the back rests to seat base) and filling of all the joint structures (such as front seat section and front leg yoke brace) before the chair goes to the final high grade definition mirror polishing. The final finish will be like the back rests all over! I am very happy with the way they are recreating the Hammerhead chair design.

When it is complete it is of course going to be absolutely stunning.

And at the chaircreative workshop/studio we are busy creating big Razorfish shells.

More on this project as it develops.

Hot metal!

Meanwhile - at the Foundry - Pouring molten stainless steel into the moulds for Hammerhead RVS chair.

The above images show the pouring of the back leg component parts.

Images to follow shortly of the cooled raw cast components and more casting pics. Watch this space!

Elsewhere in 'chaircreative' world - 1st vertical stack form piece takes shape.