Origin Trace Forms 001

At the start point. - Trees.

Curving trees and straight trees.

First 4 images at Cutler's Wood, Kent. Selecting curving stems of store coppice sweet chestnut and ash wood.

Lower image shows a fine oak tree stem amidst the coppice managed woodland at RBG Wakehurst Place, Sussex. In a previous posting you can see this tree still standing. The larger oak stems here will next be converted in specified board thicknesses and profiles with the use of the Wakehurst Place mobile saw mill. More on that soon

Wood of course grows - it is trees, however, what is less appreciated and understood is - where does that wood in that fine piece of of sculptural seating for example, actually come from? What is the journey from being a standing, growing tree to becoming the final piece?

Point, source and origin.

The trees above are all part of actively managed woodlands - cyclic crop rotations of a sustainable harvestable material.

Selection of wood and timber is vital to achieving the desired end result. At the materials for making start point it really is often or not about the trees. Seeing the potential within the standing tree with a view toward the final form.

line weights - chop, chop!

So here is a nice slightly out of focus, cropped with distracting background, image of the development of new chair - Nimm Rae.

Of course this is just a tantalizing glimpse of the movement of fluid speed lines as they descend, rise and turn around the profiles of the seat base. So, where does one edge start and another stop? They don't. They simply transcend form light into shadow. More images coming soon.

Long time...

Well kind of, since the last posting anyway.So steaming in to 2011. What's new?

Hammerhead RVS

High polished, hollow cast stainless steel chair form. About to start in creation at 'AB fine art foundry'. we are aiming for 1st exclusive preview at 'Collect' - Saatchi Gallery, May 2011

Meanwhile back at the chaircreative manufacturing facility... Torafin begins it's journey of creation at the end of January alongside all the other current on going commission projects.

foldable, lockable

Exterior bench designs for Southwark Borough Council. 2 foldable, lockable benches.

These benches feature galvanized steel frame work, stainless steel fittings with prime oak seating boards. Images depict the completed benches at the workshop ready for install. (due 1st week October) You can also see the cast concrete 'key' setting bases and base plate that are buried below ground level with additional post mix support infill. More images will be posted soon.

Office space.

1st floor Office re furbishments now complete for Hancocks the Jewelers in The Burlington Arcade, London, W1.

This project consisted of Interior design and creation for the 2 office spaces. Main Office comprising: 2 Desks (see earlier posts for more images of these desks) 5 chairs Book case re fit Mirror re make

Hub Office: Complete 'flow' work surface and desk integration around the whole space (see earlier posting for template layout. Design and creation of storage units, fitted shelving Existing Cupboard co ordination.

Below are a couple of images showing how these spaces appeared previously.

New Chairs for Hancocks The Jewelers.

5 new office chairs near completion for Hancocks the Jewelers office in the Burlington Arcade, London, W1
Final clean up now underway, then oil burnish finish and application of stainless steel badge monogram, then off to upholsters for the final touch.
Will post more images when complete.

See earlier post - 'Wood for the trees' - for original concept drawing for the chairs.
See earlier post - 'New Year - Desks' - to see the desks that these chairs were designed for.

Wood for the trees.

It is often so obvious of course it is easy to forget the magic of wood.Wood of course grows - in trees! Yes we of course all know this, however, sometimes it is really beneficial to feel or realize the connection of this. That wonderful stuff that grows all around us. And on a spring day such as today an extra sparkle of magic.

Selecting cherry wood for the next set of chairs near Bore Place, W. Kent with John Waller. Back at the workshop the start of the journey from trees to chairs. The 1st stage - cleaving the runs or billets for the legs. Cleft with the grain to maintain the full strength of the wood, these sections will be shaped then steam bent to a similar curve as to the example piece on top to form the front leg components of these chairs - Hancocks Nimm type