stary stary night!

In some ways, everything is about light. The absence or presence thereof, how it moves, how it shifts and where it falls.


Full studio set of images of Razorfish III and Nimm Rae II to follow soon.

going in boxes

New works now complete and ready to be shipped to latest exhibition 'Furniture with Soul' at the Gallery Naga, Boston, U.S.

Razorfish III

Nimm Rae II

Amidst the creation process of the latest run of chairs - the curse of 'any available flat surface'. In this instance - workshop course attendee Chris's bench in development gets commandeered as a handy table! You can follow more about his bench in later posts. He is currently working on a luxurious 2 seater garden bench to an original 'chaircreative' design. In the meantime a few more pics below of chairs and edges. There are of course several chairs below in the process of creation all at once. You can clearly see the component blank forms of the steam bent arm rests and back rests ready to be fitted.


i drop! 3.2m installed

Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg the destination for the latest sculptural installation. The privately commissioned bleached oak 3.2 m i drop! sculptural form for a residential setting in the heart of the city.  This piece is positioned close to the rear of the house with good views from 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors - set on a flush mounted setting disc. See earlier related postings for more about the creation of this work.

The installation of the 3.2m form presented new challenges, estimated weight for the sculptural element itself is around 250 kg - a considerable mass in verticality with no easy way to hold while setting on the stainless steel pin. 

A couple of clever rope tricks provided by James and assistance (read distraction!) provided by Zucchini the dog.

Layers upon layers

Generally when one thinks of layering, perhaps the assumption is to imagine a cumulative increase covering in substance or weight such as clothing, blankets or snow.  Not so in case of shape form carving though, where the effect of the addition of  layering of cuts, results in the physical and optical mass decreasing whilst the intended shape form in itself arises and reveals itself.

When one begins to think of a complex compound curvature shape or a series of interlocking shape forms in a physical structure and then the desire to manifest that in the material world - how does it happen?

Principally by being able to break down the intended shape into its inverse form of stock material removal with the addition of subtractive layer carving. The difficult part of course is not the cutting itself, but knowing where to mark the lines to begin!

So, here is the start of the dished hollow carving on Razorfish III. A new piece that when complete will be shown at the end of May at the Naga gallery, Boston, U.S - Exhibition: Furniture with Soul.

The dished seating hollowing on the Razorfish bench design is a complex series of interlocking hollows that are cut for ergonomic comfort performance, visually intriguing and tactile sensory delight. The whole piece plays with our perception of shifting optical defiance, appearing almost ethereally light whilst at the same time maintaing total structural solidity and physical mass. It is perhaps one of the joys of this design is that it subtly distorts our notion of what should and shouldn't work in so many ways yet still appears visually balanced ( more on this subject in due course. )  At this stage there is still a long way to go before it approaches the final form. In the following series of images though you can perhaps already begin to see the form arising.


Working on the new i drop! sculptural piece.

The 3.2 m form is resting here purely on the point of balance. Carved in weather durable oak wood for the exterior setting, seen here prior to final surface finishing and bleaching.

This is the 850 mm Ø flush mount setting disc sat on top of the key foundation block that goes below ground level. See earlier postings for more on this. The solid 32 mm Ø bar setting keeps the i drop! form in place once set outside, forever on the illusion of resting at the point of eternal balance. 

Installation in Esch - Sur - Alzette, Luxembourg 1st week April 2013. More images to follow.

Tree Music

School time again. But, isn't it half term time holidays? Yes, for the pupils, however, not for us. Today we were back at Woodlands Meed school making the final installation of 'Tree Music'. A series of wall mounted sculptural elements originating from a Walnut tree from the site of the new school building.

You can perhaps see the difference from the earlier postings now that the elements have been final finished and oil burnished.  


Now, lets wait and see what the pupils think.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in 'chaircreative world' shape working continues on the 3.2 m i drop! sculptural piece. More on this in next few weeks.

Back to school

So here we are at Woodlands Meed school test fitting for 2 of the sculptural elements from the installation 'Tree Music'

Mid space position testing of 'The listening'.

The elements that grow from the floor are scribe marked for cutting in on the skirting rail whilst the grow from the ceiling pieces are checked for settings. At this stage you can perhaps see that not all the elements have received the final finish and oil burnish treatment that really brings the walnut to life. You can also see the mixture of textural finishes on the surfaces that add an extra tactile dimension to the work. Deep and fine cut crossed ripple surfaces as well as super fine smooth sheen surfaces combine within the fluid organic nature of the forms to elevate the senses.

Tree Music and concrete aerial blockheads

Shape form work well underway now for one of our latest sculptural commissions - a series of wall mounted pieces for a new school building in town.

'Tree Music' consists of a grouping of 8 elements that line the main light well corridor passage way through the centre of the school. The elements are all carved in walnut from a tree that was originally growing on the new school site.

Below is an image of the lower portion of one of the paired element installations near completion.

Next week will be test fitting and scribe marking out for some of the larger elements, so more pics to follow soon. In the mean time below is an image of a 'concrete aerial blockhead'.  Let you keep guessing about that for now, however if you have read earlier posts you may well have an idea what that is all about!

More soon!

London bike show

So, here is another pic from the show and an image of the display stand set up at the workshop/studio.  

This display area was designed for rpm 90 cycle holidays in order to create a welcoming space in which rpm 90 staff can entertain enquiries from visitors. The show stand concept was custom designed for the 2 x 2 m space. The storage space with the fluid sectional layer curvatures is slightly reminiscent of the gap sets on the cassette sprockets of the rear wheel gears, whilst a detail feature for the aperture door opening actually does have a 12t gear ring.  The colouration features 2 tones of black, flat tarmac/charcoal and semi sheen super black to catch the light and be coordinated with the background 'brand' id of rpm 90. Keen eyed observers will also spot the use of 'Avena' stools that work superbly with the space whilst providing staff a comfortable perch to rest through the duration of the 4 day event.

Considerations also being given for ease of assembly/dissemble at the event. The horizontal corner space effectively brakes down into 2 flat surfaces with the gear storage cupboard space and 3 legs.  

It certainly was a lot of fun designing the concept for this space - how visitors will interact with staff in the space, the sense of 'flow' and movement both physically in the area and aesthetically through the curvatures whilst addressing the functionality issues of storage, a neat way to display a bike and how to maximize the feeling of space within 4m3

3.2m fruit bowl?

Well not quite, although I was quite pleased with this 'still life' workshop image of fruit in a bowl.  Actually of course it is not really a bowl - it is the roughed out top dish hollow section of one of our current projects - 'i drop!' sculptural form which will eventually be a bleached oak finish. 

And here is an image of the roughed out form standing just on the point of balance. As you can perhaps imagine, there is still a long way to go as yet with this piece.  Next week though we cast the foundation key block with the solid 32 mm diameter stainless steel bar anchor pin.  Images to follow.

And whilst on subject of roughing out sculptural forms. Work is now well underway on  a local area project sculptural installation for the new 'Woodlands Meed' school in town. This project consists of a series of 8 wall mounted works that line the main corridor through the centre of the new building. The works are being carved in Walnut from a tree that that was previously on the new school site. Will post more on this project as it develops.

Here is a sneak peek at near completed 'Vehicle of Dreams' in limed ash. Installation due Mid February. Installation images to follow in due course.  Moving parts made by Mr S Spooner.


And now for something else!

Image here of show stand designed for RPM 90 cycling Holidays and their display at the London cycle show 2013 at Excel. Will post more detail pics of this tomorrow when I go to visit.  Although this may be the clearest pic as it is sure to be busy!

That's quite a lot of things going on then that are not chairs!

Well actually there is quite a lot going on that you can sit on, more on this in due course, however, the new 'Razorfish III' and a new version of 'Nimm Rae' will feature in 'Furniture with Soul' Exhibition at the Naga gallery, Boston, U.S in May 2013. Plus next up in creation schedule commissioned pieces - Vanimm and Nimm Kei 

Typical day at the office II.

Just hanging around waiting for something to happen!


Beam balance - yet another stream of consciousness passes by the 'Vehicle of Dreams' * .

Actually this is the raw beam oak that it is the starting point of our 3.2 m 'i drop!' sculptural form.

It is quite heavy! - (mild understatement)

Next week sees some of the initial shape form carving where we also set the piece upright.  Keep a look out for that.

Meanwhile the casting template form for new chair throne project 'Kre' nears completion (images withheld for the time being - just to keep you guessing, however, watch out soon for images of a 2012 revised take on one of the original 'Nimm' type chair patterns. 

* Thoughts contained, stored and then released.  This week Mr S. Spooner works on the moving parts.

i drop! 3.2m

Visit to the sawmill to spec the ingredients for one of our latest sculptural projects. An i drop! sculptural form at 3.2 m in bleached oak set on a precision cast circular disc base for a private garden commission in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg.

The 3.2 m i drop! presents new installation challenges. Previously at 2.5 m we have been able to man-handle the sculptural element into position onto various setting base configurations. 3.2 m carries a great deal more mass in verticality and is an awkward shape to hold. As the access to the site is non permissible with hiab crane or mini digger, we have come up with a canny solution to aid ease of installation.

Due for completion/installation - Spring 2013

Will post more pics of this project over coming months and at installation.

In the meantime below images show 'the raw materials' to be carved and a visual showing intended implementation. Flush mounted settings discs are a great solution for bases as it facilitates ease of lawn maintenance and a natural echo of the aperture within the form - the ' i ' inside. Previous i drop! installations here.

Vehicle of Dreams II

Here are a couple of images showing the start of the formation of the stack layering in one of our current projects 'Vehicle of Dreams'
Strictly speaking it is not really a seating peice, although you will be able to quite comfortably sit within it.
Long way to go with this work as yet. And we will keep you guessing for the time being as to exactly how it is going to shape up.

More to follow...


Future History

Acts of Design & Creation.

The story of the making of Hammerhead RVS. London Design Festival 2012 Timothy Mark, New Quebec St. London (Marble Arch)

Also with illustrated talk on Tuesday 18th & Thursday 20th

So, if you are up in London for any events during LDF2012 do drop by and take a look.

yeah, long time since, I know...

Many new projects currently underway including 2012 revised pattern of the 'Nimm' chair. Some very exciting exterior bench seating works one of which is a piece about 1/2 size of the 'Sleeping Dragon' - mini dragon perhaps? Perhaps not. It is still 4.5m in all of its curvaceous glory. Vehicle of Dreams is still on going too. Possibly some pics soon, who knows... And, watch out early 2013 for new bronze chair - Kre.

The art of the subtle line shift

Cutting in the lines of a slight return compound profile. Turning straight boards of wood into something quite interesting.

Image above shows the creation of a sub-shelf junction on a console table piece (viewed oblique). The drawing section shows the basic 2d contour profile of the layered cuts. The sum of all the subtle relief sculpted curvatures in the final work adds up to create that certain something else that really makes a piece stand out. At first glance of course it may not be obviously apparent why it may command such a presence, however, the subtle line weight shift transitions turn and roll to accentuate or diminish the edge. The edge holds the outline of the form. The form itself is illuminated in sculptural relief as well as being a tactile object. The shape of the curve is the weight of journey we take through it. Of course it is one thing to be able to 'think of a shape', it is another thing altogether to be able bring that compound shape into a proportional manifest reality.

In essence it is all about layers.

Take a look at this 'Gap Set' coffee table piece created by a recent workshop course attendee from a 'chaircreative' design