“It is one thing to have an idea in one’s mind of a form through a sense of movement; it is another thing altogether to be able to translate that concept into a manifest reality."

At chaircreative we specialise in the design and creation of exceptional sculptural chairs & seating. When it comes to seating we simply create distinctive functional works of art like no other. Encapsulating a timeless elegance and appeal through implementation of good design and appropriate ‘truth to materials’. Since we go to great lengths to unify good function with superb form, we also make sure that they are going to stand the test of time, selecting the finest ingredients for the work at hand with a dedication to excellence in craftsmanship in creation. Ergonomic performance or ‘fit for purpose’ is paramount with any seating piece implemented. It must be comfortable and enjoyable to sit on no matter how visually striking or surprising a piece may at first appear.

Within the Landscape of Invention the movement of fluid speed lines descend, rise and turn through an ever-changing array of profiles. Where does one edge start and another stop? They don’t. They simply transcend from light into shadow. A Landscape in motion does not exist in isolation. It is the theatre and the shape of the journey as we move through it and of course part of the fabric of the flowing dynamic world we see around us.

"Evolution by design. Design through evolution, refinement and reflection." 

Please enquire for further information about chairs and seating works, for interior or exterior, private or public locations, site specific sculptural project installations or how we might be able to help you.



From Ideas into Reality.

Commissioning a new piece or project is an exciting and unique opportunity to have something designed and created that fits and performs perfectly for its intended location and usage. It is a way in which new, inspirational work can be developed and brought into existence. More often or not there is a desire for a creative solution to address a practical requirement or application. Good design is a dialogue, a conversation, a journey and the chance to explore the perfect blend of form and function. Listening, understanding and addressing a client’s wishes to create the perfect solution that will enrich and enlighten.

Each piece or project is generally a unique undertaking in its own right and as such will have its own set of variables and criteria. Scale, setting, aesthetic themes, budget and dynamic resonance are all factors to be considered for various locations such as public space, private garden, schools, galleries, home or office.

Once the Spark is ignited...

Usually a site visit is arranged to ascertain all elements of setting and character, to discuss and address what is important within the new work in order to develop a design brief.  Alun Heslop will explore ideas and generate concepts into workable solutions that fulfill and possibly exceed expectations of the brief.

After presentation/discussion of these working concepts a final design will be developed. Depending on the scope of a project, model making and mock up may take place in order to visualise the finished piece within its final setting.

When the final design has been approved we will ask for a deposit payment in order to reserve a creation schedule within an agreed timescale. Depending on the scale and complexity of piece or project we may also agree an initial design fee prior to development of concepts and interim payments. A final payment will then be requested upon completion/ delivery/ installation.

Studio / Workshop visits are of course most welcome to see new pieces come to life...

We look forward to hearing from you.


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