In the green

Wisteria supports and railing design for London Town House.

The main focus of this project aspect was to provide new supports for the substantial Wisteria that grows along the front of several of these Georgian terrace town houses. Before the re modelling of the property the Wisteria had entwined itself and compromised the first floor period window balcony railings. A solution was sought that would enable the Wisteria to still be supported in front of the building and allow the previous existing balconies to be removed, be aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the surrounding area period listed architectural fittings.


The three supports each clamp the Wisteria at different points along its growth. The structures are fabricated in powder coated black steel for consistent appearance. The railing design is understated and kept to traditional patterns to to retain the original heritage aspect of the property and surroundings. Structures and railings fabricated and installed by TaylorBrooks Metal Work, who also developed the gate latch to be in keeping with the design.

The design and location points for the clamp heads in relation to the ground and wall and styling was created by using full size plywood template forms of the Wisteria support structures. These were offered up in place at location to check for correct alignment.

It's raining!

Here are a couple of images of a rain ripple coffee table completed a short while back.

It features a cast ripple pattern low iron glass top on a sculptural walnut frame.

It uses stainless steel bonded disc settings under the glass that are then mounted into the frame.

The shape is designed to maximise the ease of movement around the table.

Glass and blue

Here is our glass table with chairs in situ in one of current projects.


Top is in 19mm thickness low iron glass with chiseled and polished edge work. Metal frame with chairs is bleached ash wood with blue leather upholstery. You can also just pick out more of our interior design features in the cupboard and shelving behind the table.


Orange is a good colour.

Seen here as a surface colour finish on one of the Ppod benches in white finished ash wood.  This bench is one of a number of free standing elements in another of our interiors projects.


Behind the bench you can see a section of some of the sculptural wall panelling that has been produced for this space. The panelling in white finished ash wood features a folded organic shallow wave ripple in a mixture of weather blasted and fine definition surfaces with concealed handles. A small gallery below shows more of this panelling and other elements within this design project including a white ash stair well banister rail with glass panel infills, various white ash trims, door handles, white concrete fire place and column settings and a large 4m table with bleached and weather blasted white oak frame and pin stripe oak top.

Most images above by Lee Carr photography. Dining chairs in this project - client's own.

White and blue

A quick taster peak in the Master Bedroom at current interiors project. Back lit ultramarine blue in the alcoves with sculptural white ash shelving and cupboard units. 


Continuing the theme below are the dining chairs at collection from the upholster/trimmers workshop. These are bleached ash wood with leather seat pads.


The glass top for the white table frame arrives after Easter - more pics soon then of all the elements together.


Latest set of chairs nearly finished for dining space at one of the current interiors projects underway. These chairs are in bleached ash wood and will feature leather upholstery seats. They fit to a white table design with an elliptical chisel edge glass table top.

This interiors project is due for completion spring 2018.


interiors II 2016

A couple of images of one of our current interior design projects underway for a Georgian London town house. These are part of the fitted elements for the main bedroom. See earlier posts for some of the initial design renders. Images show the fitted bed head board and sculptural shelving in the alcoves and the wardrobe side with sculpted handle details on the bi-fold doors with servo assisted overhead storage. 

Reflection II

sky doughnuts.

A vertical assisted viewing platform at the edge.

Elsewhere - Dragon Kre chair - award winner from the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers - design prize. Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design exhibition, Cheltenham 2016.

Coronation Meadow

Sculptural seating Installation now complete for the new Coronation Meadow at Wakehurst Place. Official opening was on 2nd July in dedication to their retired director Mr Andy Jackson.

see below entries for more information about this project.

Sheep or Cows

Work well underway on sculptural seating installation for new Coronation meadow feature at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Wakehurst Place, W.Sussex.

Here's an image of one of the flow seat pod elements near completion. This project is created entirely of oak wood. Much of it sourced from Wakehurst's very own woodlands. All fixtures and fittings in stainless steel. You can see the gap-set seat base being bolted down onto the pod base blocks. These are then capped over once complete.

Assistance much appreciated from James Pumfrey at Kew, Wood Mizer and chain saw master carrying out the initial block cutting and taper cutting on the large oak base and verticals elements for this project. The installation comprises groupings of seat pods that carry the poem Leisure by W H Davies through a wandering meander down though the new meadow with superb views out onto the wooded valley below.

Letter carving for this project, superbly cut by Roy Will Taylor. Not as straight forward as it looks as the text is cut over a compound convex surface. Much of the working on the base pod and vertical assemblies is being carried out at Wakehurst Place with installation within the meadow during start of June 2016.

Red cut

New work comes to life.

This a bench seating piece currently in construction at the studio workshop. Carved entirely in large section walnut wood. There is still a way to go with creation on this. It is shaping up very well though. More images to follow in due course. You will be able to experience this new work at exhibition in Autumn 2016.

Slicing through the duality of shifted halves, this new sculptural piece will feature juxtaposed dynamic visually movement within an optically defying comfortable bench seating form. 

The title of this piece does not refer to any missing apendages from use of the chainsaw in the initial shape form carving! Keen eyed observers will though notice the use of an electric chainsaw. Electric chainsaws are fun to use. I like the idea of the electric chainsaw as it feels that one could quite easily do some 'leisure activity cutting' in the evening in the living room at home - if one so desired!  (that is not a recommendation of good practice!)


Whilst pondering what the bigger picture is in that in-set mirror in the bedroom - another image that alludes to far more than is initially apparent. Taken during a recent visit to Prague.  

Now, if you study this image really carefully, you can also just make out the TV broadcast tower in the background. If you have not been up there - it is certainly worth a look. Then come all the way back down to Kampa Park to take a closer look.

interiors I 2016

A quick peek into one of our current interiors projects for a London town house, Kensington.

This project involves design and installation of fitted and free standing pieces for the master bedroom, living room and dining room spaces within a total interior re-build of a late Georgian property. 

The above image is just one of our concept visuals. It shows a view looking into the full inset mirror within a sculpted vanity area of of a full wall fitted wardrobe installation with an inverted apex ceiling. Returning readers may of course notice the similarities in the head board design from previous projects with the use of the sculpted linear gap-set arrangement. The previous bed design below was also fitted up to a curved partition wall!

coronation meadow

Work now started on a sculptural seating installation for the new Coronation Meadow feature at Royal Botanic Gardens, Wakehurst Place. Coronation Meadow is an addition to the beautiful parkland grounds at Wakehurst Place and commands beautiful views across the W. Suusex landscape as you meander down through the summer meadow to the wooded valley below. The new installation carries the poem Leisure by Henry Davies as you travel along the path over 7 resting points along the way. 

Some of the flow pod seating groups in creation at the chaircreative workshop.


large flat surface

Yes, it's a chaircreative table!

Recently completed and installed for a dining room interior design project in a converted barn dwelling in W. Suusex, U.K. This table features a sculpted carved frame in bleached oak wood and the top is prime 1/4 sawn oak with 'red stripe'. The centre piece of the project where we were also involved in the creation of the deep section weather blasted sculptural wall and door panelling and cast white concrete accesories. 

The table is quite big at 4m x 1.2m with substantial mass!