The Sleeping Dragon - mid section nears completion.

Most of the line weight shifts & bridges have been completed in the seating boards. The mid section base blocks are also almost complete. Still some trim adjustments to do on the rear of the blocks & also after re-assembling the seating board sections with the backrest have found another couple of lines that require some subtle alteration.  moto_0298.jpg moto_0309.jpg moto_0312.jpg moto_0311.jpg moto_0313.jpg moto_0316.jpg

As you can see from the images the seating hollowing has been worked to a smooth blended form. You can also see the seatboard sections before they were re assembled.

Tools used include;

The arbotec - see previous entry. A good tool for removing stock rapidly, that's also it's disadvantage!

Convex spokeshave - a joyous handtool experience for cutting the hollow just the way it should be.

Rotary & orbital sanders.

Bench plane & belt sanders used for blending flat areas. Low angle spokeshave used to cut radius on rear edges of seat boards.