Radial fins and engine blocks.

Where do ideas come from? Here are some mock up concept design drawings of one of the latest chaircreative projects - office re design for Jewelers shop in W1, London.

The general concept is to create a more fluid space that is easy to move around both physically and visually. Currently working on the design of the desks. Think engine blocks, think church wall buttresses, think - Radial fins!

Yes, really!

This is the driving (no pun intended) motive around the draw carcass units that will create the desired look of fluidity in the curvaceous desk forms. You can begin to see the development of the final design through these mock up drawings. Once the desks are created will we then be moving onto the creation of chairs and other interior elements to suit.

Picture 4 Picture 7 Picture 6 Picture 5 IMG_6005 Chartres-Cathedral-Flying-Buttress IMG_0616

More as this project develops. Working with James Huddleston fine furniture maker in the creation of this project.