Origin Trace Forms 001

At the start point. - Trees.

Curving trees and straight trees.

First 4 images at Cutler's Wood, Kent. Selecting curving stems of store coppice sweet chestnut and ash wood.

Lower image shows a fine oak tree stem amidst the coppice managed woodland at RBG Wakehurst Place, Sussex. In a previous posting you can see this tree still standing. The larger oak stems here will next be converted in specified board thicknesses and profiles with the use of the Wakehurst Place mobile saw mill. More on that soon

Wood of course grows - it is trees, however, what is less appreciated and understood is - where does that wood in that fine piece of of sculptural seating for example, actually come from? What is the journey from being a standing, growing tree to becoming the final piece?

Point, source and origin.

The trees above are all part of actively managed woodlands - cyclic crop rotations of a sustainable harvestable material.

Selection of wood and timber is vital to achieving the desired end result. At the materials for making start point it really is often or not about the trees. Seeing the potential within the standing tree with a view toward the final form.