The Sleeping Dragon - Sun sphere is set.

The big sphere has finally been set within the sleeping dragon bench. This section has 1 subsection that caps over the sphere during installation. You can see in the images some of the subtle 'orbital' hollowing around the setting of the sphere. moto_0394.jpg    moto_0395.jpg    moto_0397.jpg

The ring setting of the sphere was quite tricky to get right - numerous times the seating board sections were offered up to the sphere to get the correct radial concave hollowing recess.

moto_0415.jpg    moto_0414.jpg    moto_0418.jpg

moto_0416.jpg    moto_0425.jpg    moto_0422.jpg    moto_0424.jpg

next up is the seating section form the right hand end of the back rest section to the mighty knuckle block. Watch this space!