The Speed of Ginko leaves.

Perhaps not a question asked everyday. How fast are Ginko tree leaves?

What do you mean - how fast are Ginko tree leaves?

Apart from the amazing myriad of variations upon the one single leaf form, and the amazing thing that it does, light conversion and sugar energy channels, veins - what an amazing structure, just swaying in the breeze.

smooth rays, dappled light, diffused rays - Smooth Rays swimming gracefully in fluid motion.

Yes, it's an observation of reflective design - what we see, how we connect and then of course - how do we move through the translation back to the everyday. How we interpret.

Back to the sugar though for a moment - perhaps one way to begin to get a sense of the speed of ginko leaves - the speed of movement through the fluid lines.

Ride a bike down a long hill. Now repeat this and imagine a tilt shift of around 2 degrees each time you come down.*

So, how fast are Ginko leaves?

I would say pretty fast indeed!

It's all a question of scale and ways of seeing.

* Ginko leaves are way, way faster.