Xyloripple . The pond pump seating bench installed on Friday 26th.

As you can see it is an interesting peice. The creation of this work has been covered in earlier posts in this blog. It is a subtle & sublime work that conceals a demanding techical specification of also being a watertight cover for the pond pump. The seating has 2 integral lift off lid sections to gain access to the pump facility contained within the newly built stone wall section to replace an existing brick construction. Perhaps the best way to visual this work is that of a large curvaceous blanket box!

The installation shots show the use of the stainless steel coach screws to mount the sections onto the wall plate. Each segment of the bench seat is joined with a long falt bar stainless fillet joint. This creates a mini channel that serves to drain away rainfall from the radiating dish ripple hollowing. There is a 10 mm fall from front to back of the wall plate sections.

What makes this particular work so interesting is the way that viewed from normal ground level, as avove you just see the rear curving edge line levitated above the block paver. Your eye is then drawn to the subtle ripple effect of the leading front edge into the pond view. This ripple adds a 'water feel' effect whilst at the same time giving that all important curving hollow comfortable seat base. You may also notice that the leading edge features a a combination of soft rolled edges & higher sharper defined 'pommels'. This is to give a good degree of comfort under the leg for the sitter as the existing stone block work is quite high. Legs dangle free when seated. Front edge under side features a lip that adds a visual look of thickness to match that of the stone work whilst at the same time the gap set arrangement mimics that of the mortar joints between the stone blocks.